Cenocco Beauty EMS Eye Massager


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373 in stock

Cenocco Beauty CC-9099: EMS Eye Massager

EMS Micro Current+ Beauty Red Light+ Constant Temperature Hot Compress+ High Frequency Vibration
LCD Display, mode, and power at a glance, easy and fast operation
Double-sided care, hot packs, and granular massage treatments
Ergonomic design, rounded arc-like design with fingertips that pts then eys area and massages the eye sockets easily pushing without hurtig the skin
Multiple uses: Lighten dark circles, smooth fine wrinkles, lighten spots, relaxing massage
Three modes: relaxation, beauty, EMS compact
Easy to carry and use
42° Hot compress, fade dark circles
The built-in battery of 500 maH for fast charging and long use.
High-frequency vibration, soothing massage
Beauty red light, lighten spots
EMS Microcurrent, smooth fine wrinkles
Red Band: 620±20nm
Heating Temperature:42°C±2°C
EMS Current: Up to 30µA
Rate Voltage:.7V
Heating Power: 1.9W
Rated Current: 450mA
Battery Capacity: 500mAh
Work Time: More than 90 minutes
Charging Time: About 2 hours
Product Size: 160 x 30 x 19.5mm
Executive Standard: GB4706.l-2005 and GB4706.l5-2008
Certifications: ROHS, FCC, CE

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