Genius Ideas 4-in-1 Universal Lid Opener


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92 in stock

Genius Ideas® GI-118206: 4-in-1 Universal Lid Opener

This opener can grip vigorously! Whether it's a mason jar or a screw cap, with the four
different diameters, you get every green and every bottle effortlessly opened. The special shape of the opener ensures easy application by increasing the leverage. The practical household help is available with recessed handles suitable for the hands and sits securely in the hand thanks to the non-slip surface! Can be stored in the kitchen drawer to save space.

For easy opening of all sizes of bottles or jars thanks to its multi-waist head with four different diameters
Lightweight opener is ideal for users with weak grip or limited dexterity
With comfortable non-slip handles
Can be stored in the cutlery drawer when not in use
Four diameters from small to large:
2.5-5cm / 3.5-6.5cm / 5.5-8cm / 7.5-8.5cm.
Dimensions of the article: 22.6 x 9.1 cm.
Material: PP, TPR.

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